Fixed costs- how can you save

Fixed costs- how can you save on this?

You pay fixed costs every month. Often we can’t change anything about many costs, but there are any bills that might be less able or can stop. Because you note what your income and expenses are every month?


Do you know what you give every month? You keep a household booklet in which you write down income and expenses every month? If you do this, you will certainly have seen a shift in your fixed costs lately.

Now that we all work at home as much as possible, you will notice that your groceries are getting more expensive, more coffee is being drunk at home, more lunch and dinner we no longer do outside the door. But you will also spend less money on gasoline or public transport.

Fixed costs will continue

Of course there are always fixed costs that just continue. Think of rent or mortgage, but also health insurance and car insurance will continue. Although you are currently driving much less in the car, these fixed costs are not just going to change. For example, WA insurance is simply required by law, even though your car stands still much more at the moment. Yet it is good to take a good look at your income and editions.

Right now.

What can change into fixed costs?

Take a look at your insurance

Take a good look at what you are insured for. Do you also need all of that? This counts with a health insurance policy but also with animal insurance or telephone insurance, you have ever taken out this, but it is still necessary?

Phone subscription

Also good to take a look is your telephone subscription. If you work at home and use the WiFi from home, then you have all the GB ’ s that you normally use at work and in public transport (just watch a movie while waiting), perhaps no longer needed and is possible you lower your subscription (temporarily).

Other subscriptions

And what about other fixed costs that come back every month, but what you can change in? Payments such as a subscription to magazines, wine boxes or television channels. Do you still use everything and have time to read those magazines?

Or can you cut back in this?

What else can you do?

  • Having your house isolated, now costs a lot of money, but you will benefit a lot later
  • Compare energy prices
  • Compare insurance

Reduce fixed costs

It is wise to look well at your fixed burden and whether you can change something in this. The situation at the moment is different, you may have more energy and gas costs now that you work at home, but to eat fewer costs for outings or outside the door. Make sure you know what is coming in and goes out, then you can also respond much more easily to this.