New colors on the wall tips when buying wallpaper

New colors on the wall: tips when buying wallpaper

New colors on the wall? Then of course you can opt for paint or wallpaper. But actually we do too little to actually become agile in it.

Because so many people are currently working on a renovation, I have useful tips when buying wallpaper.

Useful tips when buying wallpaper

Buying wallpaper is not an easy task. Not at all because it is actually something we do little. Because how often do you or are you working on a renovation at home?

If you now want new colors on the wall, then after a – perhaps a simple search on the internet – you will soon realize that quite a few proverbial “knots” have to be cut.

The possibilities can be quite overwhelming, so that the necessary buy stress can strike.

Less is more, or not?

Wallpaper is completely back. Because by providing a single wall or an entire room with beautiful wallpaper, you can give the room a completely different look in no time. Take a number of things into account. Because even though the wallpaper in the steel book still looks so beautiful and tempting, it may actually be a bit too busy in your living room.

Wallpaper can leave a considerable stamp on the look & feel of a room.

If you like a quiet atmosphere, you might be better off opting for a calm color or design. Do you want to make a statement? Then a design with stripes, wood grain or floral print might be something for you!

Which wallpaper do you choose

The next obstacle that you have to take is choosing a type of wallpaper. You might wonder which wallpaper is best, but it is actually not a clear answer to that. Wallpaper is available in different materials and price ranges, each with their own benefits. Think of:

  • Paper wallpaper: affordable choice, easy to remove. Application can still be a bit tricky. A smooth wall is an important condition. The paper is not that thick, so unevenness or drill holes are quickly visible. Do you have “bad walls” with many irregularities? Then an alternative can be found in fiber optic wallpaper.
  • Non -woven wallpaper is the most popular wallet type and is also called “fast wallpaper”. It does not shrink, is firm and easy to apply and remove.
  • Vinyl wallpaper is water -resistant and therefore very suitable for damp rooms.

Take a good look at the walls

So first look at the condition of the walls you want to wallpaper before choosing a type of wallpaper. In addition, it is important to ask yourself whether the wallpaper should be washable and/or can be painted later.

Get started

How nice it is to get started yourself. You can of course opt for new colors on the wall, but also just grab a small piece of wall for which you want to choose a somewhat wilder wallpaper, think of flowers or stripes. You give your house a whole new look with new colors in the house and you don’t feel like a whole renovation, with small adjustments you can also turn your house into a whole new home.