Gifts for a ten year old

Gifts’s for a ten year old. Quite a search.

In December our eldest turned ten. Whereas I normally always have a gift list ready quickly for the boys, this time it took a little longer. Ten years, I liked it.

I remember it like yesterday when he first lay in my arms ten years ago and now I had to look for gifts’s for this young man.

But what do you give a ten year old?

Difficult start

Very funny though, how you can remember the first moment with your child, so well. The feeling of intense happiness that flooded me when I held him in my arms for the first time and the feeling of helplessness when he was admitted to the NICU of the WKZ a week later. After a difficult start and surgery, despite his illness, he has now become a fine big guy.

Ten years calls for special gifts’s

Every year the son knows what to ask for. And smart as he is, he knows by now that if he doesn’t get it on December 5, chances are he will on his birthday. Now that he was turning ten, we actually wanted to choose a special gift.

Something he just thinks back on later as ‘I got that when I turned ten’.

Sim card

We wanted to give him a sim card anyway. Since the boys no longer train at the same time, the husband and I usually take them back and forth to athletics separately. The son will be home alone for twenty minutes every now and then.

Since we no longer have a landline phone, I like to be able to reach him, just in case. Hence on his birthday he got a pre-paid card and his first ( and maybe for a very long time) phone number.

Minecraft books

A gift is easy every year. He’s a big fan of MineCraft so with the 2018 Minecraft yearbook I was in the right place. To his aunt and uncle, he also asked for Minecraft books to complete his collection.

Analog or digital watch

A gift that we found heb really needed was and watch. After all, he goes out alone more often and then it is easy when he has the time with him. I had few wishes, but really wanted a watch that would be both analog and digital.

This because they actually watch everything digital, but I personally don’t want them to forget analog too.

The search for a watch started some time ago. The husband and I were away for the weekend and went into town looking for a watch. Many stores we walked past and into, but there was very little choice in children’s watches. Then we searched online.

This was quite a search, since there is so much choice in watches.

Choice in terms of price, color, model. The choice already became easier because I had my sights set on both analog and digital.I ended up with a beautiful children’s watch from the Nowley brand. A sporty watch in the colors black, orange.

With in addition to watch function, the date, day, stopwatch and alarm clock function and if he wants an extra time (so he now knows exactly what time it is at his aunt’s house in America).

Happy surprise

The day of his birthday arrived and he was naturally super curious about the gifts’s. How happy he was and is with his presents’s. He finds the watch super cool and because it is easy to use, he can turn it on by himself in terms of alarm clock.

Perhaps the thing he likes most (besides the color) is the light and the luminous hands.

the birthday boy, ten years old

I found it quite difficult to find a good watch, but am definitely very happy with the choice of this watch!