Using cannabis to feel better this is how it works

Using cannabis to feel better: here’s how it works

Cannabis is known as a drug, while this is by no means always justified. The cannabis plant can be grown and used in a variety of ways, with the production of the well-known cannabis-based drugs far from being the goal. What else can it be used for?

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is a basically completely harmless little plant that has many uses. In popular speech the plant is often called hemp, and used in many useful ways. The plant can reach a height of 1 to 4 meters.

Hemp clothing and rope

That height provides long, sturdy fibers that can be extracted from the plant. These strong fibers can be used in numerous ways. A well-known example is the sturdy rope that can be made from it.

But hemp clothing is also becoming more and more normal.

Hemp is a good alternative to cotton in this case, as its production takes less space and less water.

The seeds as superfoods

The seeds of the hemp plant are also used in different ways. People eat them, they are sometimes seen as a so-called superfood, but the seeds are also eagerly sought after as seeds for birds. Oil can also be pressed from the seeds, which can be used in the kitchen in cold form.

Cannabis to feel better

There are several ways to use cannabis to feel better. The first is by extracting the substance CBD from the plant’s flower tops and leaves. This substance is known to be good for a host of physical and mental complaints, including pain, mood swings, anxiety and sleep problems.

Although the exact effects have yet to be scientifically studied, it is clear that many people benefit from it.

Opt for oil

In this case, however, it is important to purchase the CBD, for example in the form of an oil, from a reliable party such as Cibdol. The flowers of the cannabis plant also contain another substance, THC, which is exactly what you don’t want, because this is the substance that can turn cannabis into a drug. If you choose a reliable party, you can be sure that you are getting a pure variety with a negligible percentage of THC.

Medical cannabis

Where THC can be found is in the second form in which cannabis is used for medical complaints: medicinal cannabis. Patients with very severe pain in particular benefit from making tea from this cannabis. Of course, this should be used responsibly, and with cannabis grown and regulated specifically for this purpose, to avoid unpleasant side effects or other problems.

Hemp in more products

Only recently have I discovered that cannabis or hempseed can also be used for other products. This is how I use hemp seed oil in home care products and makeup every day. So it is much more innocent than we think and if someone says they use this oil it has nothing to do with the drug.