Useful tips when buying a mobile home

Useful tips when buying a mobile home

A feeling of freedom, getting away from your familiar surroundings and enjoying nature. Perhaps we need more freedom now than in other years and then having our own mobile home is very nice. What to look out for if you want to buy one?

Your own chalet or mobile home

More and more people are considering buying a chalet or mobile home. It gives you a sense of freedom and you can go wherever you want with it. A nice place in nature or on a vacation park.

But what to look out for when buying a mobile home? Do you opt for a new one or is a good mobile home used enough? In this article I share some practical tips that will make buying a mobile home a little easier.

Choose new or second-hand


If you buy a new mobile home, you may have to dig deep into your pockets. Some people therefore see the purchase as a form of investment. They buy the mobile home, with or without a loan or mortgage, and then rent it out through a vacation park when they are not using it themselves.

Consider €30.000 to €40.000 for a solid, well-insulated mobile home.


A second-hand mobile home may be more interesting then, as these are available in a wide price range. A number of factors do come into play that determine the price, such as the condition of the mobile home, its age and the location where it is located. For €10.000 to €15.000 you have a used mobile home in reasonable condition.

The condition of a second hand one is more difficult to estimate. When in doubt, have an inspection done by a specialist.

Is your car suitable?

A mobile home is great fun, of course, but it’s nice to know in advance whether your car can pull it. After all, you need to be able to travel comfortably, leisurely and safely from place A to B if you want to get your purchase ( new or used) to its location. Fortunately, this is easy to check, as your car’s vehicle identification number will tell you how much your car weighs.

The mobile home should weigh no more than 85% of the car weight. If it is much heavier than the car, the caravan will affect the direction of the car. You want to avoid that at all times.

Do you have the right driver’s license?

Yet another aspect to consider. As a driver, do you have the right license to drive a mobile home? So newer variants of the B license should be expanded to a C or E license. If you know in advance that the mobile home will be parked at a vacation park, and you do not have the required driving license, you can also have it parked by a specialized company.


Enjoying your own space

You may not think of camping right now, but starting in April when the weather gets better, the urge to go outside will be greater as well. A mobile home is of course ideal. Because how nice it is to spend weekends and vacations somewhere other than in your garden or balcony?