Mommy Blog Swap – Holidays

Mommy Blog Swap – Holidays

A while ago I signed up for a Mommy Blog Swap, the holiday edition. So the past few weeks, besides the Saint shopping, were all about shopping and crafting for this nice swap. Last week I sent my package and also received a package in. Wonder what a Mommy Blog Swap is all about and what I got?

Read on quickly.

Mommy Blog Swap

A what? A Mommy Blog Swap is a swap among mom’s who blog. Swap is English for swap, so we all swapped a cute ‘Christmas kit’.

Since you obviously don’t get one as a blogger. You could sign up with a short description of yourself or what you do/don’t like. You gave me your address and of course your website.

A very sweet mom blogger then drew the lots and coordinated this Mommy Blog Swap. We were all told to send our package between December 5 and 10. So last week, all the mom bloggers who participated were at the front door every day ogling for the mailman. Would he already have a package? I didn’t have to wait long.

Tuesday my nice package arrived. Exciting!

What did I get?

I received my Mommy Blog Swap after I came home from a morning in Blijdorp. The exhausted toddler was still sleeping because he fell asleep in the car. Daughter was also quiet so I had some time to open the box at my leisure.

When I opened it I became happy, what cozy colors.

mommy blog swap

I took it all out and there were pink candies in it as well. I put those away in a hurry because otherwise the little man will eat them all.
The gifts were all accompanied by bills with beautiful texts that suit a mom well. Very nice to read. But what was in the gifts?? First I found a culinary gift.

I’m not very culinary minded myself (read; what the farmer doesn’t know he doesn’t eat) but the husband loves it. So mister is happy with my gifts too. It also contained a nice booklet to write down your dreams. You have already read that I dream very vividly so that comes in handy.

There was also a spider-head-scratch-massage-thing inside. Whahaha, no idea what you call something like that but I do know it as a relaxation device. Too funny. Since I really like crafts and creative things, it included a package to make a garland out of fabric. Very nice .To get some perspective and relax there was a DVD in it, ‘What to expect when you’re expecting’.

My pregnancy was only a short time ago so the movie will have many recognizable hilarious moments.

In short, all nice presents and sweet bills.

Who can I thank?

It was a bit of a mystery who I should thank. I really couldn’t find it, haha. Luckily I was helped out quickly. Marjolein from family Olivette has carefully put together this Mommy Blog Swap for me. Thank You!

I immediately browsed and read on your blog.

What did I send myself?

Now you are of course curious what I have sent. You get a little sneak peek at this one. Of course I won’t tell more because the recipient has to do that themselves.

Mommy blog swap

Have you ever participated in a swap? Definitely a must.

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