Using feeding pads after your pregnancy

Using feeding pillows after pregnancy

Are you still pregnant or has your baby been born?? Your life is about to change dramatically and you are probably already preparing for it. Perhaps the nursery has already been decorated and you are already childproofing your home. But a lot of stuff is needed to go out for a while with your baby. But also think of your own comfort?

After all, you’re facing a year of pure sport. For example, do you already know how handy and comfortable feeding pillows are?

What exactly is a feeding pillow??

With the name feeding pillow the first thing that comes to mind is the period when your child is born and gets nourishment from you. Feeding pillows, however, can bring you great comfort and enjoyment even in your last trimester. Your pregnant belly puts pressure on your vertebrae. Maybe you often wake up with pain in your back, neck or shoulders. Falling asleep comfortably is becoming increasingly difficult.

A feeding pillow can give you good extra support while sleeping. This will relieve your vertebrae and back muscles and you can only benefit during the day.

Feeding pillows while feeding

Once your baby is born, make your daily feeding sessions as pleasant as possible. Not only for your child, but also for yourself. On a feeding pillow, your baby will lie wonderfully relaxed and soft. You will be well supported, which means that giving nutrition can be a rest for you as well.

This way you and your little one can focus all your attention on the most important thing: your bond with each other. It does not matter whether you choose breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Either way, feeding pillows give you great comfort, good support and a pleasant and intimate moment.

Sit in your easiest chair, drape your feeding pillow around you until it feels as comfortable as possible for you and your little one. Have you used nutrition pillows during your pregnancy to get a good night’s sleep? Why stop when your child is born?

Types of feeding pillows

There is plenty of choice in material. A polyester nursing pillow is softer and a pearl one is firmer. If you choose Micormax then you are right in between again, just like real goose down.

A popular feeding pillow is the Quper Bigs, it offers a lot of support but is still nice and soft. The Bamboom and Doomoo feeding pillows mold to your body well.

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