These are the fashion trends for spring summer 2022

These are the fashion trends for spring/summer 2022

Do you often stand in front of the closet wondering:’what to wear today?’ Because whether you walk with the fashion, or choose your own style, every day that question is there again. What are we going to wear in the near future, what are the fashion trends of this spring? I introduce you to three fashion brands that stand for femininity, color and ease!

What to wear

What to wear today? Are you also often ’s in front of the closet in the morning?. Do you go for neat, sporty, cheerful or stylish?

What is your clothing style and what are the fashion trends for this spring and summer? What are we going to see in this year, what colors and prints?

Fashion brands for ladies

Often you have a particular brand of clothing that you like to wear, a brand of jeans that fits well or a brand of shoes that you know fit perfectly. Especially when buying online, it is nice to stay with the same fashion brand. Then you can be sure the fit and size chart are right.

Yet it is also nice to look elsewhere and also online it is very good to find the right fit and size with the size charts of the fashion brands.

This year’s fashion trends

The fashion trends of this spring and summer show a lot of color and prints. Here I show you three fashion brands that all have a very different take on dressing women, but broadly converge.

Studio Anneloes

The first brand is Studio Anneloes. At Studio Anneloes you’ll find clothes for ladies with busy lives. That is why the collection of clothes is comfortable, stylish and easy to combine. Fashion trends this spring and summer, like its other collections, consists of basics that are easy to combine.

The women’s collection of Studio Anneloes is made of luxurious materials and is of Travel quality, i.e. the clothes stay nice and do not wrinkle.

Rio midi blouse dress with print and stretch Rita blouse in travel fabric with stripe printRita blouse of travel fabric with stripe print Yfke maxi skirt with leaf printYfke maxi skirt with leaf print


Feminine and casual that is the fashion brand Sandro. Sandro offers elegant and stylish women’s clothing at excellent value for money. This spring and summer’s fashion trends are lots of color, maxi tunic dresses and mini skirts. The beauty of Sandro clothes is that you can mix and match very well and let your own style emerge.

Fashion is full of colors and prints. Pretty summery, chic and dressy.

Maxi tunic dress in silk blend with bow belt Layered midi dress with print and flounceLayered midi dress with print and flounce Smiley® mini tunic dress in linen blend with print

Fabienne Chapot

Fabienne Chapot’s collection features a mix of rich colors and playful prints. Clothing that is easy to combine, wearable and cheerful. From feminine dresses and beautiful tops to fine knits and elegant pantaloons; all items are excellent to combine with each other! Although Fabienne Chapot sounds super French and immediately reminds me of the fantastic clothing collection from the Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’ Fabienne Chapot is an Amsterdam brand. The fashion trends you’ll find here are prints and feminine fits.

Fashion with flair! This brand offers a wide variety of clothing. For every occasion you can succeed at this fashion brand, so whether you are at work at home or at the office, a day out with friends or a nice party.

At Fabienne Chapot you will find clothes for every occasion.

Fashion trends Natacha midi wrap dress of mesh with floral print

Natacha midi wrap mesh dress with floral print Bobo midi skirt with overlap and floral print Hayley mini blouse dress with floral print and beltHayley mini blouse dress with floral print and belt

Fashion trends full of color and print

As you can see in the small collection I posted above you will see a lot of color and print in the fashion trends this year. The clothes are cheerful, feminine and easy to combine. Clothes to mix and match and make the most beautiful combinations.

photo image bank/ collaboration/ free image by Mylene2401 via Pixabay