Why choose natural stone

Why choose natural stone?

Choosing natural stone is choosing unique stones. It is durable, beautiful, tough and super strong. But did you know that natural stone is not only for the garden?

Flagstones can also be fine in the house as a floor or stacking wall.

Natural stone or quarry stone

Flagstones are crushed natural stones of varying sizes. Now you can use these natural stones for both outdoors and indoors. They are also called quarry stones because the stones are never the same and have varying sizes.

You’ll always have something unique!

Stones for inside and outside

When you think of natural stone you probably first think of the outdoors, the front and backyard, and that’s probably right. Natural stone is seen more often in the garden. For example, you can choose stepping stones.

Flagstones in the garden

Flagstones can be easily incorporated into the garden by laying loose stepping stones in the grass. It looks cool and natural! But also gives a playful effect.

The advantage of these natural stones is that when the grass is wet or damp, you will not get wet feet by walking on these stepping stones.

Natural stones, choose your own path

The distance between these natural stones is entirely up to you and you can lay them wherever you find them beautiful and convenient. You can choose a few stones in the grass, a whole path or your whole garden. Because the Flagstones are broken you never have the same stone.

The bricks can be bought in different colors.

What can you use Flagstones for??

You see these natural stones not only in the grass in the garden, they can be fine as a terrace, around a pool or a canopy. But flagstones can also be used indoors. Think for example of an indoor floor or stacking wall. The natural look of these stones give a tough and unique look to your living room or kitchen.

Moreover, the stones are durable.