Review Escape Room The Game Jumanji

Review: Escape Room The Game, Jumanji. family edition

During the Toy of the Year election, we received a number of games to review at home. One such game is Escape Room The Game, Jumanji. family edition. What we thought of this game and we were able to escape?

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Board game for the whole family

We really enjoy playing a game with the four of us during the weekend. During the Toy of the Year election, we received three games. Menara, Escape Room The Game, Jumanji and Escape Room for two people.

Earlier there was already a review about the game Menara and today I will take you in the Escape Room The game, Jumani Game. A board game for the family.

Escape Room The Game Jumanji Family Edition

You feel the excitement of an Escape Room in your own living room! In this very first family edition (10+) of Escape Room The Game you have to work together to solve puzzles and find hidden clues. This Jumanji edition contains 3 exciting adventures entirely in line with the Jumanji theme.

The game is completely Dutch.

Included in the game:

  • A Chrono Meter, you need 3 AA batteries for this.
  • Hint Card Decoder to read the hint cards.
  • 16 keys
  • 3’8 hint cards
  • 3 adventures: 1. The drumming box. 2. The search for Jesse. 3. Break the curse.

Escape Room, a race against time

It’s always a race against the clock with Escape Room The Game; you only have 60 minutes to escape. The Chrono Decoder counts down, creates the right atmosphere and indicates when you can use hints. In this game you win together or you lose together. All players must get the best out of themselves. To be able to solve riddles and puzzles in time, working together is the key to success.

If you’ve never played an Escape Room before, get ready for a completely new experience. Unbelievable how quickly an hour goes by in the heat of battle…

A family game

The Escape Room The Game games are normally intended for 16+, but this Jumanji Family Edition can be played from 10 years old. Furthermore, the principle is the same, each adventure lasts an hour and you have to find codes to ‘escape’;. You enter these codes on the Chrono Decoder by means of keys.

The three mysteries flow into each other in terms of storyline and together form a complete Jumanji adventure.

Review: Escape Room The Game

On Saturday afternoon we really sat down for it. I first read the manual carefully and must say that this was all very clear. We (logically) chose the first game: The drumming cupboard.

After reading the first adventure, we turned on the Chrono Decoder and started the game. It took a while to find where to start. But by looking closely, working together, taking notes and discussing, we quickly had the first code. We did need the hint cards. Then we read the second story and continued, here we were having a hard time.

It was really puzzling and very good reading and watching. We only had ten minutes for the last story and we knew it was going to be tough. Finally the 60 minutes were up and time is running out again, we needed an extra 5 minutes to get out.

Escape room family edition

Like being in an Escape Room

During the game it was like we were really in an Escape Room, this Family Edition is really for the whole family. After we finished, we said to each other several times, ‘How nice this was!’ Escape Room The Game, Family Edition is highly recommended.

An additional getaway

If you don’t get out of the game now, you can see the codes on the hint cards, so you don’t have to get stuck in it, but you can continue. This is of course the very last solution. You would also let others play the game.

You can print out the objects on paper that you have used via the site. You may know the solution, but of course others don’t yet.

Another super fun game nominated for Toy of the Year is Atlantis Escape.