A beautiful piece of jewelry as a graduation gift- tips

A beautiful piece of jewelry as a graduation gift- tips

Is your daughter graduating this year? Is she going to a new school or are you just super proud that she’s over. How nice to surprise her with a piece of jewelry?

Today tips for beautiful jewelry as a graduation gift.

Giving jewelry as a gift

Jewelry as a gift, wouldn’t we all love to have it. And how nice is it as a mother to surprise your daughter after sending her off with a pair of beautiful silver earrings. And if she likes rings more, choose a lasting memory of college days in the form of silver rings.

Graduation gift

If your child passes his or her final exams, how proud are you as a parent and how nice is it to treat him or her with a beautiful gift. And it really doesn’t have to cost a fortune. After all, the cost of college kids is big enough.

Today I am sharing a few tips for young ladies, who love trendy jewelry.

Long earrings or studs

How was that with you? Have you changed your style of clothing or jewelry over the years? I myself come from a lot of dark clothes and stud earrings to now living the bohemian lifestyle, with clothes with a lot of color and prints. But also with jewelry, lots of jewelry.

And whether you go for subtle earrings or long chic earrings. For gold or silver. No matter what jewelry you choose as a gift, it will always be appreciated.

A beautiful piece of jewelry as a gift at graduation- tips

Day and evening

Now, of course, you don’t have to wear the same jewelry all day long. That’s why it’s fun to buy sets of earrings. You can wear these in multiple holes, should you have this.

But you can also opt for subtle ear studs during the day and ’at night – if you go to a party- for longer statement earrings. Just being able to combine and vary jewelry makes it a nice gift to give at graduation, passing or any other occasion.

A beautiful piece of jewelry as a gift at graduation- tips

A lasting reminder

Another really nice gift to give is a ring. Give your daughter a beautiful silver ring for her graduation and she will have a lasting memory of her college days. And whether you choose a minimalist ring or a statement ring, it will always be to her liking.

A silver ring is of course a very beautiful and personal gift and therefore the ideal gift for a milestone, like graduation or passing.

Or a silver or gold bracelet

If your daughter doesn’t like rings or earrings, a necklace or bracelet could be a nice gift for graduation or any other occasion.

Not just for graduation

And that might be it, because giving a gift at graduation is very normal, but after this weird year, when kids had to take so many online classes, didn’t see friends for so long, so many plans didn’t go through. Don’t they deserve a gift too? Also for them a piece of jewelry is of course a nice gift to give and a lasting memory of this strange year.