Which toys are totally right

Which toys will be right for me this year?

Which toy we’re giving the kids this year for the holidays? It is quite always searching, before you have found the right gifts’s. Often stores do help, by clearly highlighting popular products.

And we are also pretty well served online, with gifts’s by age category that you can search by.

Toy of the year

Which toys are popular? What do we make our kids happy with? Every year, the Toy of the Year is chosen in the Netherlands. Per age category, several items are nominated by a professional jury and then everyone in the Netherlands can vote for his / her favorite toy.

Voting has been massive and on November 11 the results were announced and a winner was chosen for each age category.

4 and 5 years

The ages of at this election start at zero years and run to 18+. Since I myself have tweet boys ages eight and ten, I’ve focused on the middle age categories, but check out the other age categories as well. For ages four and five, it has become Toy of the Year:

A game for 2-4 people, where the task is to bathe a dog and try not to get wet. Hilarity all around.

Other toys for 4-5 year olds that didn’t make it to Toy of the Year but were nominated:

  1. Suzy and her puppy friends
  2. Speed Colors
  3. Dessineo learning to draw
  4. Baby Born Sister

6-7 years old

For this age group, it has become Toy of the Year: VTech Kidizoom

VTECH kidizoom

Allows you to take photos and videos with with your high-tech, alien friend and edit them with the funniest effects, or play super fun augmented reality games. Flix recognizes your face and makes funny sounds when you talk to him. Flix is easy to attach anywhere thanks to a flexible tripod.

As a “room guardian,” Flix takes pictures when he detects movement of possible intruders.

Buy VTech Kidizoom by yourself: Find this product here

Toys that just missed the first place, but of course are a hit with 6 and 7 year olds:

  1. Clementoni playful learning.
  2. Leo needs a haircut
  3. Build a bot
  4. Stoopido Board Game

Gifts for 8 and 9 year olds

Now we come to gifts’s for our boys. I always find these lists very easy. Purely because I just don’t know what stage they are in right now either.

Lists like this definitely give me ideas and inspiration for gifts’s. The eight and nine year olds’ toy of the year is: Silverlit Macro Bot-Robot.

Silverlit Macro Bot-Robot

It is funny because this is what they love at home. MacroBot is an RC Robot with many special gifts! Balancing on its wheels, MacroBot moves in all directions while its eyes light up in 3 different colors.

Still looking for a Silverlit Macro Bot-Robot. Buy this product here.

Toys that are also in the top 5 are:

  1. Gel a Peel Fashion maker
  2. Speak out-kids to parents
  3. Jolly & Roger games
  4. Laser X

10 and 11 years old

This age is also interesting to me, as we will have a teenager in the house by the end of December. That means not only gifts’s for the holidays, but also for his birthday. What is now the toy of the year for this age group: Agricola family board game

gricola family board game

Very accessible version of the well-known strategic board game This simple version of Agricola contains no cards, making the game very suitable for less experienced players. This makes it an excellent stepping stone to the spicier basic game. Also in this version of Agricola you develop your farm in different areas:: house and family expansion, livelihood, farming and animal husbandry. All actions and investments are indicated with clear symbols.

This makes the game easy to learn and allows you to empathize even better with your agricultural role.

Even more toys you can make your 10 or 11 year olds with are:

  1. Engino Voice Mechanics
  2. NERF Modulus Regulator
  3. Drone Mission
  4. Temple Connection

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