Migo, the Friendly pear A pear you eat without tampering

Migo, the Friendly pear. A pear you eat without spilling

Real fruit lovers I have here in the house. In the morning we start with banana in the Cereal. They get an apple to take to school and we often eat another one at home pear.

Delicious. Ideally, they would also like a sweet juicy pear to take to school, but that is always such a mess, I don't get me started. Until I recently received word about Migo. The pear that doesn't mess.

Whether it is actually so, of course, we tried out.

A pear that is less messy, that's possible.

Why do you always mess with pears?? It is almost impossible to eat these without splattering and dirty hands. So how cool is it that at Fruitmasters they've done years of research. This is how they asked real pear lovers what they like and even listened to pear haters. Why don't they eat them?

The reaction was clear: “We would really like to eat a pear, but one that is less messy, has a longer shelf life, longer consistent quality and is naturally juicy!” Tadaa: see here Migo.

The friendly pear

Migo is positioned as ’the friendly pear’ you can always eat it anywhere in between. The taste is the taste of pear, nothing has been changed. It is sweet, fresh and juicy. The Migo pear is distinguished by:

  • the smooth skin
  • nice shape
  • proper fruit size
  • good hardness
  • good shelf life.

The taste of pears

Of course we wanted to try the pears. They were accompanied by a red nose. This is for a reason. November is 'Migo Happy month. Under the motto 'Let's smile together', Migo is sponsoring CliniClowns, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary, during this month.

If you buy a tray of Migo pears in November, 50 cents will go to CliniClowns. This is how you and Migo contribute to bringing a priceless smile to a sick child. Anyway, how did they taste and did they really not mess up.

The pears feel firm and when you cut them open they really don't bruise. Still, they have a nice juicy and sweet taste. Ideal for taking to school or out and about.

Here at home the proof was given and the pear was to everyone's liking.

Of course you may think ‘what do you care about?’. But if you have the choice, this is a very fine pear!

On the site you will also find a list you can taste these Migo pears from the Migo truck.

Learn more about CliniClowns? 

M igo is on sale at: Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Coop, Jan Linders, Emté, Hoogvliet and Spar.