Cocktails Two easy recipes with Quevedo Port

Cocktails: Two easy recipes with Quevedo Port

A glass of wine, sherry or port, I’m up for that. Well of course wine is a trendy drink, but sherry and port are somewhat less popular. They are often seen as a nice aperitif.

During the Blogger By Nature Event at the beginning of ze month, I got to taste Quevedo Port cocktails tasting and these cocktails definitely tasted like more than an aperitif.

Today I am sharing with you these easy and super delicious cocktail recipes!

Rosé cocktails

Where I previously only drank the dark port, I recently discovered that the white and rosé Post are also very tasty. The latest trend in cocktail land is mixing it with port wine. This Quevedo rosé port (on sale at Jumbo) is a young world port with a smooth and refreshing taste.

Unlike traditional port, it can be drunk cool in the summer, mixed into a cocktail or pure with an ice cube.

Cocktail Pink Passion

Ingredients and preparation for 4 glasses

  • 100 grams of fresh strawberries
  • 100 grams of fresh raspberries
  • 1 dl strawberry lemonade syrup
  • 2 dl rosé port Quevedo
  • 3 dl Sparkling water

Preparation: Add all ingredients together in the blender. Blend for 1 minute on the lowest setting for best results. Serve in tall cocktail glasses, with a strawberry on rim as a finishing touch!

– white port from Quevedo
– Tonic
– ice cube
– Small slice of lemon

First half-fill the glass with white port and top off with tonic.

Quevedo Port

Do you already know the Port of Quevedo? This young Port house has been sold at Jumbo since 2010 and comes in as many as nine different varieties. So there is a Port for every moment.

Enjoy it as an aperitif, or later in the evening, with a piece of cheese or a delicious dessert.

Young house with a long history

Quevedo is a relatively young Port house with a long history, based in S. João da Pesqueira. Until 1986, exporting Port was allowed only to merchants with a warehouse (called lodges) in Vila Nova da Gaia. Vila Nova is located opposite Porto, on the river Douro. However, after 1986, the year Portugal joined the EU, everything changed.

Then ‘ordinary’ Douro winemakers were also allowed to export their Port abroad, without storage in lodges in the port city.

The Quevedo family, with a long history in grape growing and winemaking, decided to take this new direction in the early 1990s. Quevedo is on sale at all Jumbo Supermarkets.

More information about this Quevedo Port Wine and recipes can be found on the site here