Which bathroom furniture really belongs in a retro bathroom

Which bathroom furniture really belongs in a retro bathroom

Are you looking for peace, comfort and a touch of nostalgia in your bathroom, then a retro bathroom really something for you. A retro bathroom is hip at the moment, but which bathroom furniture is really retro and what can you buy if you only want a few minor adjustments in the bathroom?

What is a retro bathroom?

What exactly is retro and how does it differ from vintage?? Vintage items are really old and mostly made in the period from 1920 to 1980, the word retro is used for contemporary items that are not vintage, but still have that appearance. The retro atmosphere is totally hip, also in the bathroom!

The authentic colorful details create a warm and cozy feel, which is what many are looking for in the hustle and bustle of the day. The bathroom is becoming for more and more people the place where they can relax and unwind.

How to turn your bathroom into a retro bathroom

A bathroom cabinet that should not be missing in a retro bathroom is a freestanding bathtub. A freestanding bath creates a spacious look. Looking for a retro bathtub, look for a freestanding tub with legs or with an oval shape.

Also totally retro is a freestanding bathtub in the color black.

If you do not have a large bathroom but would like a freestanding bath, then you can choose a semi-freestanding bath. A semi-freestanding bathtub is one that can be freestanding on the front and side. The back is placed against the wall or in a corner.

This way you still have your dream bath in your dream bathroom.

Dare to opt for round shapes

A retro bathroom consists mostly of round shapes, now you can choose oval for a freestanding bath, but also look further and choose retro bathroom furniture with round corners. Or look for a round mirror and if you are really daring, go for a round mirror in the color gold or silver. It doesn’t get more retro than this.

Choose color in the bathroom

Retro bathroom furniture comes in different colors. If you opt for a white or black bath, you can choose green or blue for the plumbing fixtures. If you think this is too much color, you can also just go for gold faucets.

Or a bathroom cabinet in a striking color while keeping everything else white.

The cost of a new bathroom

Of course you can make the cost of a new bathroom as high or low as you like. It also depends how big the space is and what you need in the bathroom. For example, not everyone has a toilet in the bathroom and many also choose a shower instead of a bathtub. In terms of cost, it is good to consider what you want. What are the options and what is the budget.

Also don’t forget that if you’re really going to remodel an entire bathroom, remodeling costs come into play here as well. Want to change but have no budget for it. Then look for accessories.

If you opt for retro, then you choose round shapes and make sure you have colors in the soap dish or towels alone. This creates a whole new look, which does give peace in the bathroom. Very different, but also super for the bathroom are plants.

Did you know that there are special plants for the bathroom?