CliniClowns introduce WonderWater

CliniClowns introduce WonderWater

The CliniClowns introduce WonderWater. Dutch celebrities tell their personal stories. Goals that do good for children are always good for me.

Purely because I had to deal with this myself and therefore attention for the CliniClowns!

Own experiences

Our children were still very small when they were hospitalized. Eldest was 8 weeks old when he had surgery and youngest 4 weeks old. When the boys got older, they both went to an OpKikker day once.

After this, the youngest became an ambassador for Stichting Opkikker.

Personal listening stories

The CliniClowns have been bringing joy and wonder into the lives of sick and disabled children for 25 years. They do this by making real contact and using their imagination. That imagination has now been bottled by CliniClowns in bottles of ‘WonderWater’, so everyone can experience the power of imagination.

Renate Gerschtanowitz, Nasrdin Dchar and Angela Schijf each share in a personal listening story what the power of imagination has meant to them.

The stories

“Renate Gerschtanowitz was very homesick when in her teens she traveled around the world as a model. A sweet boy in a coffee shop and a big glass of special water made her happy again.” Watch Renate’s video teaser here: 76553

“Nasrdin Dchar gained guts thanks to WonderWater at the height of his soccer career. He was about ten years old when he faced the professional goalkeeper of RBC during the final of the penalty cup. He felt his knees buckle and sweat was in his hands.” Watch Nasrdin’s Video teaser here: 176585

“Angela Schijf tells how WonderWater calmed her down when she was on her way to the date with the man of her life. A huge rainstorm seemed to ruin everything, but eventually brought relaxation and fun.” Watch Angela’s Video teaser here:

About WonderWater

WonderWater is actually just water. With a little imagination it suddenly becomes WonderWater. After all, when you imagine something, your brain thinks it’s really happening(*).

The CliniClowns use imagination to bring joy and wonder into the lives of sick and disabled children and people with dementia.

So they make things lighter and more bearable.

CliniClowns WonderWater

Everyone who buys a bottle of WonderWater supports the work of CliniClowns and can experience for themselves what imagination does. WonderWater is available in three varieties: there is WonderWater that makes you happy, calms you down or makes you brave. The bottles are sustainably produced and can be refilled, as WonderWater works – with imagination – over and over again.

WonderWater is available from September 4 in the CliniClowns webshop for 4.95 euros per bottle. From September 4, the listening stories can be listened to online.

What the CliniClowns do

CliniClowns has been committed to helping sick and disabled children since 1992. By making real contact and using their imagination, the CliniClowns make sure that these children can be children again for a while. Meeting a CliniClown has an effect: children experience less stress and anxiety, for example.

The CliniClowns play in almost all Dutch hospitals with a pediatric ward, in rehabilitation clinics, hospices, at schools and online. The clowns also go to care homes for people with dementia. There they use their imagination with love and respect to ease isolation and loneliness.

Sick children

As a mother of two chronically ill children, I like to give press releases like this a place on my blog. My children were too small for the CliniClowns when they had surgery, but I do know the power of the CliniClowns and is so much needed for the sick or disabled child.

CliniClowns WonderWater

Check out the site for all the information about CliniClowns and WonderWater.

Text/photo’s (Nikki Schuurman) press release

In addition to the three storytellers, also pictured’s Fayenne and Bjorn and CliniClowns Boem and Blos