Column – together we are strong

Column –together we are strong

We’ve been home for over a week now. The four of us sit together all day. Of course it’s not an ideal situation, but that’s how it is and we don’t complain.

We’re a strong team together, it shows. Together we are strong and not everyone is like that?

Irritations solve themselves

Where normally you might have irritations, especially when you’re together 24/7, we don’t have them now. We don’t go out and are constantly on each other’s lips. We’re doing well.

Now we have no choice.

We know. And chances are we’ll stay like this in the house together for a while, too. Because how long is this going to go on?

All the images of groups of people coming together really scare me and I can’t get my head around that either.

Yet I have the idea that large groups like us constantly keep their distance and stay at home.

Strong team

Now that we’re so close you realize how strong you can be together. There are no hard feelings, no irritations. We all do our best to make the best of it.

We have to make do.

And I must say I’m proud of us as a family, we’re a team, a strong team.

Together in a small space

Now this is not the first time for us that we are on each other’s lips for long periods of time and are together so much. In 2011 we spent seven months traveling through America and Canada in an RV. The boys were then three and one years old.

Of course this was a completely different situation back then and not comparable.

Back then it was a conscious choice, there was no fear or uncertainty. We did get stuck in the camper for days because there was so much snow that we couldn’t leave and then a camper is quite small, I can tell you. Then we also noticed that we could be pretty good together and have a good time when we have less contact with others.

The house is big enough, though

We live in a row house and our house is basically big enough. We used to start the week together at the dining table, the husband now works upstairs at one of the boys’ desks. Here he has more peace and can work more productively.

I find that I get less time for my own work, especially when the boys are busy with schoolwork. They do ask for some attention and don’t blame them, this is a strange situation for them too. We try to keep the rhythm and make the best of it together.

Another tip

Are you looking for something fun for the kids to do besides their schoolwork?. Smartgames helps children fight boredom and now has six months free access to mtartgames. You can also do crafts together with the kids.

For example for Easter. No idea what it will be like by then, but at least the house will be in the spring mood.