Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom tent

Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom tent – review

You don't buy a new tent on the spur of the moment. Just like this. We couldn't find much information about the Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom other than the store itself, so today we'll review this tent.

The moment when a new tent is needed

Last year it was already clear that we needed a new tent. Eight years ago we bought this tent in Bern, after our old tent was damaged after a severe hailstorm at the campsite in Switzerland. Our vacation had just started and instead of going home, we bought a new tent and continued our vacation.

This was a super tent that we have enjoyed for many years. In all weathers, rain and storms.

But last year it started to show more and more defects. The zipper was broken, there were small holes and we saw more and more ‘bad spots’ emerge.

Unexpectedly taking a tent on vacation.

This year we were going to America on vacation, but it didn't work out. We hesitated for a long time, but finally decided that Switzerland was a country we could safely go to now. So the tent came out of the attic again anyway and we went on vacation with this.

This vacation in Switzerland was fine despite the measures, only in these three weeks more and more small holes appeared in the tent.

We sealed it with duct tape on the outer tent, but even during these weeks we decided that we really needed a new tent. So back home the search for a new tent began.

Read all the information about which tent you want

Normally we are quite the impulse buys, but buying a tent is not nothing. You hope to last a long time with this and even if you don't use it much, ease of use, setting up and taking down, but also space is important. My husband therefore decided to read up on the subject before making his choice.

The Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom

We knew exactly what we would like from a new tent and this is an easy search. Yet there is so much choice, in shape, price, material, that the sites are still overwhelming. After looking at many sites, we kept coming back to the Obelink Leisure Market site.

Here we found the Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom. This was really a tent that we liked.

A spacious inner tent, two sleeping compartments, with the possibility of an extra compartment, sturdy poles, the edges of the tent raised and fixed around the tent, which prevents water from getting in when it rains and another advantage, very dark sleeping compartments.

Ordering a tent online

We certainly didn't rush into buying this tent. We watched the video films on the site, looked at the Coleman site for the Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom, but when it turned out that this tent was only for sale at Obelink, we decided to buy it here. Since this store was quite a drive for us, we ordered the Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom online.

The next day we had the tent and set it up on the lawn in front of our house. This to see if the tent is complete and also to be able to judge for ourselves if the tent really was exactly what we thought it would be.

Setting up the Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom

Now we couldn't find any personal reviews of the tent, but did find a video of a YouTuber who set up the tent without reading the manual. Now at home I am always the thinker and my husband the doer, so how this Youtuber started my husband understood completely, while I thought ‘read the manual first.’ Anyway, a lot went wrong with this man, which helped us a lot when pitching the tent, because we knew exactly what to pay attention to in order to get the tent set up correctly in one go!

Easy to make

Now setting up the tent was very easy (with occasional glances at the manual) and was up in 20 minutes. That the tent was so easy to set up and we were well within the time they quoted (30 minutes) is partly because we are experienced tent erectors and this tent was quite similar to our old tent in appearance. We set up the tent in pairs, noting that it can be done on your own, but it's easier in pairs.

What to pay attention to when setting up

What to pay attention to when setting up the Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom. It comes with six poles. including two thin and smaller poles, one for the front flap and one for the side cabin. And four large and sturdy tent poles.

The four large poles are divided into three and are attached to each other with elastic.

You slide them together like this. The poles have colors that in turn corosponde with the colors on the tent. Put the right pole in the right binding and make sure the gray poles have the two holes in the front at the ‘front door’ because this is where the pole of the front flap will be put in later.

Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom

My first impression was, ‘what a big tent’ but also ‘what a wonderful space you have in here’. Anyway, the tent is not called the Coleman MacKenzie 6 for nothing, he has enough sleeping space. The sleeping compartments are very spacious and really dark.

The extra cabin in the tent is easy, you can also remove it for even more seating and storage space in the tent. There is plenty of room for your stuff and there is even a clothes rail where you can hang your coats or clothes.

Benefits of the Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom

  • The manual is attached to the bag. You can't lose this one
  • The poles correspond to the colors on the tent, so you know which pole goes where.
  • You can easily set up the tent with two people and if you want to do it alone, you can do it too.
  • The inner tent is attached to the outer tent, so if it rains when you put it up, the inner tent will always stay dry.
  • The groundsheet of the Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom is attached all around, so when it rains you will never have water coming into the tent
  • There are three sleeping compartments in the tent, and you can leave out the third one. There is a partition between the two sleeping compartments, which can also be removed.
  • There is plenty of storage space, pockets on the sleeping compartments and a clothes rail.
  • There is a special zipper in the tent where you can run the extension cord through for the cooler or charging points.
  • The sleeping compartments are super dark ( it's not the Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom for nothing ).
  • The poles are very sturdy, which is nice in wind and storm at the campsite.
  • The tent is secured all around with lots of pegs and can be made even more secure with the guy lines.

Is there also a downside

Is there any downside to this because I am so excited. If I do have a point of criticism;

  • The tent is very heavy, mainly because of the poles, which weigh a lot.

Conclusion Coleman MacKenzie 6 Blackout Bedroom

We are very excited about the tent and can't wait to use it again. The tent is big, spacious and sturdy. And the added advantage of this spacious tent is that the four of us can sit inside on a rainy day, even as the boys get bigger.

Do you share my enthusiasm for camping or don't you like it so much?