Conflict This is how legal expenses insurance can help you further

Conflict? This is how legal aid insurance can help you

Did you get involved in a conflict? Then you probably want to fix it as soon as possible. It can help to clear the air with the other party, but this is not always successful.

Do you have legal insurance?

You can call on these. Unfortunately, not everyone sees how this insurance can help you further in the event of a conflict. Yet there is.

In this text we explain exactly how this works.

Legal help with conflicts

Sometimes it is necessary to seek legal help when there is a conflict. Hiring a lawyer involves costs which you may not want to incur. If you have taken out legal expenses insurance, you do not have to worry about this.

After all, you are then insured for legal assistance in conflicts. This means that you will not have to pay the costs of legal assistance yourself. An insurer will reimburse these costs.

By the way, it’s not like all expenses are covered either.

Below we tell you when legal help with private and business legal expenses insurance are and are not reimbursed.

– Private legal expenses insurance

With private legal expenses insurance, you are guaranteed legal help if you witness a criminal case, if you are suspected of an offense that injures or kills someone else and if you have to post bail abroad. In addition, sometimes you get compensation if someone cannot pay. You are not insured for legal assistance with a conflict that arises or is expected before the insurance starts, a conflict that arises within the waiting period of a legal assistance insurance and conflicts that are about a divorce or breakup.

– Business legal expenses insurance

With business legal expenses insurance, you are guaranteed legal help for conflicts over unpaid bills and other collection matters, conflicts with suppliers and buyers, and conflicts over employment contracts. In addition, litigation costs that you have to pay to the other party in the event of a loss are within the coverage of a business legal expenses insurance policy. The following are not insured:

– Conflicts related to taxes.
– Conflicts with a motor vehicle in traffic.
– Conflicts that have already arisen before the start of the insurance policy.

There is always a waiting period?

Earlier in this text the word ‘waiting time’ was mentioned. This is something you can get with legal expenses insurance. If there is a waiting period, you are not entitled to legal aid in the first months after taking out the insurance.

You are not insured for a dispute that arises during this waiting period.

By the way, there may be legal expenses insurance with no waiting period. This is the case, for example, in a dispute over an agreement made during insurance, a dispute in traffic and personal injury. In that case you do not have to wait for x-number of months before legal help is reimbursed.