How’s your roof doing

How is your roof doing?

Owning your own house keeps you busy. Have the outside walls just been painted, does it need a new floor or is the garden fence broken by strong winds. The work never stops.

But the roof! Do you actually check the roof?

There is always something to do around the house

Everyone has things in and around the house that need to be done. We all have a list, even if only in the back of our minds, with things like “a new faucet for the bathroom,” “a new lamp in the hallway,” “finally fixing the bathroom,” and “paint that wall a different color. It is striking that ‘check the condition of the roof’ is not on almost any list.

And yet damage or wear and tear to the roof can have such major consequences.

A house is never finished

Everyone who owns their own home knows it: you’re never done. There is always a job that needs to be done. Sometimes because you want to, for example when you start to dislike the color of a wall or when you decide to get a new floor or kitchen.

But often also because it is simply necessary: plants in the garden have to be pruned every year, paintwork has to be redone every now and then because it simply wears off, and things like lamps, faucets and window frames also need maintenance every now and then, because they do not have eternal life.

A roof gets a lot to endure

One part of the house to which this certainly applies is the roof. A roof has to endure a lot, both in terms of precipitation and temperature, and is obviously made to withstand this as well as possible. Eventually, however, wear and tear will set in, and it is important to act quickly.

If you don’t, you will also suffer the consequences indoors.

Think about your roof

For many people, the roof of their home is in a bit of a forgotten corner. You don’t see it every day, you simply assume it is doing its job well. While damage to a window frame will catch the eye immediately because it is at eye level, damage to the roof can go unnoticed for a long time.

You only notice it when it bothers you indoors.

Have it checked regularly

To avoid this, make a habit of regularly inspecting your roof (think about twice a year), especially if you have a flat roof: these are the most vulnerable. You can also choose to have your existing roofing replaced with EPDM. The advantage of EPDM roofing is that it cannot crumble or crack, as is the case with bitumen, for example.

Also, this film is resistant to UV rays and all temperatures so there is much less chance of damage. It is still advisable to inspect every now and then, but the chance that you will find damage is much smaller with EPDM.

Don’t forget to check

The Roof! Do You ever Inspect IT? A good item to put on your to-do list of your home.

And if you are not a hero on high heights, have it done.