Tips for a tidy house

Tips for a tidy house

The New Year Has Begun And This Year May Feel Extra Like A New Beginning. Hopefully we can get back to our normal lives soon. For many, the new year also includes A Tidy House.

But How Can You Tidy Your House And How Do You Keep It Tidy?

I'll give you some easy tips to keep your home neat and tidy.



Is the new year off to a good start

Even if your new year has started well, it's bound to have changed from last year well. You probable work more from Home and because you are home more, you might also see more in your home. Because if the living room has Become your home office, this is where you spend the longest time of the day and you may also be more likely to see that your house could use someying up.

A Tidy Home is a Tidy Head

How Often Do You Hear That A Tidy Home Is A Tidy Head?. And that's Actual True. Because you do feel a little embarrassed, a little restless when the house is a mess?

How much better it feels when you have a tidy house, a neat home, space in the living room and bedroom.

Not only is it nice when you can find everything again, but also the space you sauddenly (re) discover in your house.

How to keep your home tidy

Clear Away Toys, Stuff from the Stairs, Books in The Bookcase, Maybe You Are Following Marie Kondo's Tidying Tips. Or have you learned the technique of throwing things away from your mother, but if your house still looks like it's exploding, then the ultimate tidyping tips for you here

Make A Step-BY-Step Plan

The Beginning is Easy: Make A Step-BY-Step Plan. You can of course make this in your head, but by putting it down on paper, it is of Easier to Remember and this also gives more pleasure when you can cross off tasks. Remember That When You Start Cleaning And Tidying, You Often Keep Going.

Because you tackle one task, you'll see more. After Your House is Cleaned Up, Keep It That Way.

By Clearing Everything Out Every Time, You Keep Your House Neat and Quiet.

I can also start small

Don't Think Big. Starting with small steps will make cleaning up your home fun too. After all, Every Little Success Feels Good and Then You Automatically Want To Go On Cleaning Up, Sorting, Removing And Getting Rid of Your Things.

Dare to throw away

Also Try to Actual Say Goodbye To Your Stuff, Throw Stuff Away. If you like to keep things separate, okay, but if you don't use them anymore, then Them them away. Apparently you don't need it anymore.

But what if i can't get rid of everything

You Can't Throw Everything Away, You Really Want A Tidy House, But You Just Have A Lot Of Stuff or Don't Want To Get Rid of It. Then see if you have room to put your stuff away. Think of a Space Under Your Couch.

Buy Boxes with Wheels That Fit Under The Sofa Or Bed. You can put a lot of things in here, which you can Easily get out when you need them.

And if my closet is just too small

If your closet is too full, you can do two things. You can get Rid of Clothes. Look at What You Haven Worn All Year.

Put this in a pile and see if you're going to wear it and if it still fits. Can It Go? Then Collect It, Take It To The Thrift Store, Sell It Or Give It Away. But Does Everything Still Fit and Do You Wear Everything, Is Your Closet Just Too Small for Your Clothing Collection?

Then buy a sliding by wardrobe.

A Sliding by Wardrobe Can Hold a Lot Of Clothes And Because the Doors Do Not Open Outwards You Need Less Space Than A Hinged by Wardrobe. How to Have Space For Your Clothes Without Taking Up All The Bedroom Space.

Find Help in Books

By the way, did you know that there are lots of books that can help you learn how to tidy your house. If the above tips still don't work. Then Look at One of Marie Kondo's Books, For Example.